About silver nanoparticles

What is the secret of "silver nanoparticles"?

- Silver is an essential material for modern technology -

Silver is one of the precious metals. In our daily lives, it is used for jewelry, tableware, and sometimes as a precious metal for investment.
But not only them, but this material is also the most widely used in industrial applications, especially in the electronics sector. The reason for this is its excellent properties. Silver not only has the best electrical and thermal conductivity among metals, but also has high visible light reflectance and high ductility next to gold. Taking advantage of these properties, silver continues to support our lives as a material that enables smooth operation of electronic devices.

- What exactly are silver nanoparticles? –

"Silver nanoparticles" are used in the industrial field, especially in the manufacture of electronic materials, as catalysts and antibacterial agents. This refers to a material in which silver particles are reduced to nano (1/1,000,000,000 of 1m) size.
By reducing the size of silver particles to the nano level, it is possible to obtain properties that differ from those originally possessed by silver, such as melting point depression, surface activation, and low-temperature sinterability.
In recent years, taking advantage of the excellent properties of these silver nanoparticles, they have expanded their range of activities as low-temperature firing type wiring pastes and inks, and high thermal conductivity bonding materials for next-generation semiconductors.

What exactly are silver nanoparticles?

High-quality Mitsuboshi silver nanoparticles MDot®

Mitsuboshi Belting's proprietary silver nanoparticles MDot® are coated on the surface of silver nanoparticles with a special surfactant to achieve stable dispersion in various solvents, enabling the product to be supplied in a smooth paste form. The high concentration of the paste makes it easy to handle and allows for greater flexibility in formulation when used as an additive.
Our products have been well received by many customers for their high quality and reliability.

silver nanoparticles MDot®